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Adrian Rose

From an early age, growing up in a military household, Adrian’s love
 of the outdoors was encouraged 
by his grandparents.
 His maternal grandmother was a Romany Gypsy and his maternal grandfather was a tree feller and forester. Spending every possible school holiday at their house in woodland near the city of Worcester, he quickly learnt a deep seated appreciation for the natural world and how to become part of it rather than just walking through it. 

 His grandmother, whilst not formally educated, was probably the wisest woman he had ever met. She taught him all about the various plants and fungi that he could either eat or use in a medicinal context, whilst his grandfather taught his various aspects of arboriculture. 

 As an adult, now living in the beautiful Ribble Valley in Lancashire,he has continued this passion for the outdoors and is a keen bushcrafter. 

 Adrian has been featured several times on BBC Radio lecturing on wild foods and wild food foraging. 

He has also been a guest presenter/lecturer in wild food foraging at the Great Ecclestone Outdoors Show two years in a row, has had articles featured in various Bushcraft publications and due to popular demand has  been invited back to take part in the Tamarack Outdoors Bushcraft event 3 years in a row. 

Currently, Adrian has a regular slot sharing his knowledge of the outdoors and wild food foraging on the Urban Bushcraft Podcast – voted 2nd Best Online Content award in the Bushcraft and Survival Skills Magazine Awards 2013!!

 Additionally, Adrian has his own highly successful YouTube channel with in excess of 130,000 views and is the primary product reviewer for both DD Hammocks and Military Mart. 

 Adrian is also working in an advisory capacity to members of the Police Authorities Wildlife Crime Unit. 

Adrian has begun sharing his knowledge of bushcraft and wild food foraging by teaching various day workshops and weekend courses for both individuals and groups . If you are interested in attending one of the courses then please feel free to drop him a line via the “contact us” tab on the left or email

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